Curumin Brings Brazilian Sun to Our Winter

Curumin‘s first album Achados E Perdidos was released in 2005. His last album Japan Pop Show is fast becoming a world success. It has received very good reviews here, here, and here.

Japan Pop Show is a musical trip through funk, bossa nova, electronic, jazz, samba, hip hop, trip hop, rock, mantras, and reggae. What happens to music when it meets Brazil is a wonderful mystery. Maybe it’s the Atlantic Amazonas effect, the cachaça mixed with sand in the corner of your lips, or the waves of soccer dancing in the air. It’s not necessary to understand how it happens–that’s maybe the best part–but music is comfortable in Brazilian hearts and lands. When you hear Curumin, you cross with him smoothly from Japan to Brazil. I know there’s something about Japan and Brazil. Japan loves Brazilian music, as we all do, but Japan loves it a little more. Curumin’s parents are Japanese and Brazilian, maybe the ultimate cultural crossing. A caipirinha in a bar in Osaka, a sushi picnic by Salvador do Bahia’s beach.

Just go and listen to him, here.

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