Funky Afro Peruvian Sound from Radiokijada

(Those are donkey mandibles they are holding, in case you are wondering).

Ever heard of Afro-Peruvian music before? Me neither. But whilst it may sound slightly like a contrived new-age genre (See, for example, Lost Music of Celtarabia), it turns out to have deep roots in the fusion of cultures created by African slaves brought to Peru by the Spanish (I heart you, hive mind). So it’s okay to be intrigued; it does not make you a dirty hippy.

Radiokijada is a collaboration between Christoph Mueller of Gotan Project and Rodolfo Muñoz (percussionist and authentic Peruvian). You can check out their own copy at their MySpace, but essentially this is a mix of European electronic basslines, African rhythms, and jangly Peruvian instruments based on donkey-mandibles. Winner! They recently released an album, Agua E’Nieve, on Wrasse.

There’s an interesting live performance and interview with them on the Beeb, just fast forward through the first irrelevant 10 minutes.

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