Expendable, a New Shanghai Band


Andy Best, the reporter of indie Chinese rock in Shanghai, went back to the studio with a new project, Expendable. Supported by Brad Ferguson on the sound controls, the band included Tim Anderson on drums, and Little Punk on vocals, but finally Evans Zhang sang on the recording because Little Punk was too busy with Boys Climbing Ropes. Andy took command of the guitar and the bass.

“Rachel Corrie”, the third song on the EP, is about the 23 year-old member of the International Solidarity Movement who was killed by a bulldozer drove by Israel defense forces when trying  to interrupt the demolition of a house pointed as a guerrilla hideout. Choose your Own Heroes is a well done first step. The sound is interesting and attractive, and the lyrics clearly call for social conscience and an awakening against injustice. It is that kind of rock.

Four of the five tracks of Choose your Own Heroes are out now for you to listen to on Neocha. Take your time to check the lyrics by clicking on each of the songs.

Expendable is getting eight more songs ready for a full-length LP, also under the wing of the Shanghai rock production dragon, Brad Ferguson. While working on these songs and recordings, the band is fixing their line-up, testing bass players, and establishing the singer position. A new band is rising in Shanghai.

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