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Once upon a time there were two DJs that liked to go partying. Every night they went to party they met someone new,  many of them were also DJs and musicians. Until one day they thought they should start a new record label to play with their new friends. These DJs were sometimes grumpy and sometimes jumpy, they liked to dance and they liked to smoke their Halflings’ Leaf, but they didn’t like to talk to strangers, so when their record label began they decided to do it from the shadows, and they called themselves Tzu Li.

Soon after people began to talk about this label because nobody knew who was the mysteriuos Tzu Li. A couple of years passed, hundreds of parties, and tons of Halflings’ Leaves smoked, until one day one of these two DJ decided it was time for him to died, because that’s what DJs do when they stop playing music. So he died.

But a day soon after his passing all the people of the village was much surprised  when they saw him returning from the dead, it was a sudden and confussing apparition, it happened in very dark places, and just a couple of times until now. But now we know he is dead, and that though his soul is gone, sometimes he appears in some DJ booths like ghosts do, so we are not so scared anymore. The other DJ is still breathing and partying like good DJs do. 

The end of our story is almost done. Now we all know that the minds behind that mysterious label was theirs, and that one of them is dead or really half dead for him has a lot of free time between spooking and haunting, time that he can use to produce records for us to enjoy.


These are the three new records just released by Huashan Records


Live@696 live,sh2014.08.22 Split Tape by Torturing Nurse/Fujui Wang

China’s favourite harsh noise monger and porn smuggler Torturing Nurse, the man with the million releases has a cooked up the harshest release on Huashan yet, and the split with Taiwan’s Fujui wang makes for a tape that should rip a new one in your ear-drums. if you have one left.



Selective Memory by Noise Arcade

We have memories of long nights of fun with Michael Cupoli’s Noise Arcade, he’s been a regular guest at our monthly event at The Shelter. He’s an all around awesome guy with a lovely quiet voice and great taste in music. It was only logical to have him releasing some of his minimal electronic that stands somewhere between Steve Reich and early Autechre. Or maybe it’s sitting right in the middle.


Snakes by Death To Ponies

Here we have it, Death To Ponies’ final chapter. What was once called “the best band in Shanghai” still had some unreleased material that was ready to come out. The grooves are still smokey and the vocals very distant. Drawing from a large scope of influences going from Doom Metal to Noise the now defunct quartet proves once more that impro is the way to go if you’re into psychedelic rock with an experimental edge.

All releases are available on cassette tape and digital on Huashan Records’ Bandcamp.

You can place your orders by sending us an email to: huashanrecords[at]

All tapes are 5 USD, and digital is free because only analog matters.

Forthcoming :

Nahash – Old Religion/New Skin – an exciting double EP with collaboration from former Death To Ponies drummer Ivan

Charm / Pan Daijing – industrial drones and found sound contemplation, from Guandong to Beijing, with love, mostly.

The Other – Desert Rock from the grey landscape of Shanghai, more like grime city rock

Apparatus1 – the man with the bells is on a ring-a-ding-ding and drives you cuckoo with his crazy pedal drones

ThruOutIn – laowai face makes nice music with pipa and will probably hate me for saying so.


(If you didn’t figured out who the two DJs of the story were, then read the tags below)

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