Layabozi to U2: Bono's boots are not what they used to be

This is not easy for one of us, who used to be madly in love with U2 (it’s still too early to talk about the break-up, so best to leave it there).  The point is U2 is doing all possible net-marketing to promote their coming album No Line on the Horizon, set to be released at the end of February. They have just released their new video, directed by Alexandre Courtez, for the first single “Get on your Boots”.  The video is on Youtube, but lately Youtube has been making some moves and it’s been hard to watch it on this side of the planet. Yesterday we couldn’t even see it. Today we can see it but we can’t hear a thing.  If all goes well, tomorrow we will be able to hear it but won’t be able to see it.  Hopefully there will be some kind of mistake, and we will be able to watch and hear it.  Or, if you know of another working link, share it with us please.

If Bono ever reads this, of course we know how beautiful we are!!!… can’t believe you used that one. Anyway, shit happens, muses leave.

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  1. mache

    now the video is not available at all. what the duck!??


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