MAO Livehouse Whisperings

It’s been whispered here before, but now that CMR has bellowed, it has turned into a dull roar.

Yes, I think it’s true. MAO Livehouse will be no more soon.

I first heard about the news a couple months ago from a pal and dismissed it, but then he brought me even more concrete proof.

We have a former colleague friend who owns a store across the alley (connecting Huai Hai and Kai Xuan Lu). She was getting ready for demolition and let us know about the situation. Her store is located just across the way from MAO LH.

It’s sad: one of the better mid-sized venues the only mid-sized venue in Shanghai will be closed.

I wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to SOMA, who have only soiled themselves when it comes to running a viable music enterprise in this town, but I love the venue that they run.

Maybe it’s god’s will that MAO Live is being demolished because they did not really take advantage of their unique position. They coulda been a contenda. I think October will be the service, if you would like to pay respects.

Who knows what happens then.

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  1. Emma


  2. mark

    in a city like shanghai it was inevitable

  3. Lisa

    Nooooo, indeed. Because: no. Demolition/rennovation is probably inevitable, but not for a while. The demolition of a few flower stands has some connection to Mao, but not much. We have plenty of time for advance nostalgia for Mao Huaihai – a good eight months.

    Mao’s management is scouting new locations, and the options are promising. There are many under-utilized spaces even in downtown. Mao will rock on. Worry not.

  4. zack

    Thanks for the information, Lisa. It’s good to have someone on the inside. We hope you prove to be right!


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