Minimal Entropy (Intransikbeats) Stranger EP

New album! I think this week we are beating a record here.

Minimal Entropy is Timothy Guber, member of Instransikbeats a collective of local producers that has been together since 2009 encouraging and inspiring their development. About Intransikbeats they say “The original mission was to collaborate amongst themselves, all in the spirit of sharing knowledge and self-furtherance for the enjoyment of creating a variety of electronic music genres.Over time the group began to spread out, living in different parts of Europe and Asia. Their music styles became more focused. The group became more organized and started collaborating with other artists and record labels that shared the same spirit of progressive, dark techno and dubstep.” Intransikbeats is one of the stable crews producing nice parties at The Shelter, you know, bass lovers/abusers.

Minimal Entropy is into minimal and techno, so guess what does Stranger sound like? …  Aha! Stranger was officially released yesterday under Parallel 125 a record label from Portugal. Stranger is available on Beatport and Soundcloud for a taste of its sound.

The EP is actually a single, “Stranger”, the original version, plus the remixes by Fakir (also from Instransikbeats), and Monktec (from the States).

Last thing before the “trailer”, Intransikbeats is hosting a monthly event at The Shelter with techno DJs and producers mainly from China, and some times from abroad. The next one is next week, November 22nd with DJ Weng Weng. Then comes their four years anniversary party on December 27th. Good times.



For more about Intranskibeats visit their website. Also Minimal Entropy is spreading the love with this wallpaper for our desktops, download it on 1896×592 or 1080×1080

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