New Chinese Record Label: Huashan Records

We got a new record label in town, and for the sound of the first tracks they are promoting, it looks like it will be a nice addition to our musical planet.  Dedicated to strong beats,  Hua Shan Records 华山唱片 founder is Huashan Unit (Tzu Li) frome Shaanxi Province.

Tzu Li explains on his introduction that he came to Shanghai first on 2007 to study computer engineering. Apparently he never heard techno until he went to The Shelter to discover there that actually life has a meaning. It must have been a night by VOID, because he says he listened to techno and that was the IT for him to jump and dive the vast universe of techno. Since then he has been playing with VOID and also at The Antidote parties. And I believe he is becoming more confident, creative, and professional, so it might all turn into a cool project for Shanghai and China.

He says Huashan Records will focus on new Chinese elecronic music, techno, house, post-dubstep, and experimental. Nice beats, should be the summary.

Here have the first tracks released by Tzu Li.

Huashan Unit – Ghost In The Piano by 华山唱片 (Huashan Records)

Huashan Unit – Huashan Hospital by 华山唱片 (Huashan Records)

Huashan Unit – Synthes by 华山唱片 (Huashan Records)

Huashan Unit – There by 华山唱片 (Huashan Records)

More about Huashan Records on its Douban page, and its Beatport.

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