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It is always great news when new roads open for music. This time the news are coming from Beijing by the very inspired and musically committed Brad Seippel, who we know better by his artistic name thruoutin, this is his new label Seippelabel.

Mr. Seippel sent the press release along with a link to the first release of Seippelabel, a compilation with five long and sweet tracks that you can get from Bandcamp hopefully after giving some money to the cause, or for free if you are in a financial winter, anyway you also can show your appreciation sharing the link with your friends and liking the Facebook page of the label, and maybe soon you could find it on Douban and Weibo too.

Seippelabel is not married to any specific genre of music, and it’s meant to promote artists that Seippel has met over the last couple of years during his musical adventures.

This first release, Seippelable Vol. 1, includes music from Tripazia, Lobekraft, jfi, SNSOS, and VAVABOND, all these are new names to me, and probably to you too, there is some information about them on the page of the album, not a lot but some.

Tripazia is a band founded on 2002 with members from China, Canada, England, and France, their music style takes influences from jazz, blues, dream pop, Chinese folk, and neoclassical romantic. They have released a couple of albums before and participated in some movies in China and the States. It would be good to know how Brad found them.

Lobekraft is an experimental electronic music outfit dealing in twitchy, queasy aural textures. Works span ambient improvisations with analogue electronics, algorithmic compositions, and process music. “Harbour Whistles,”  the track included in the compilation, is an improvisation recorded live in autumn 2014.

She Never Sings Our Songs (SNSOS) is a young post-rock band based in Beijing. The song featured in the record is “Fu” (floating). It’s a raw recording from a rehearsal.

Listen now the first track by Tripazia, then go to Bandcamp and get the record like the Facebook page of the Seippelable, and then enjoy it forever.

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