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Maybe Mars sent the news, Proximity Butterfly’s latest album will be the first release of 2015 for the label. The date is set for January 31st, and it will be distributed digitally through Bandcamp and Taobao.

The format for the release is a limited edition poster with individual download codes. This is the fourth studio album by the band, the album’s title is Medusae.

The album is inspired in the relationship of the lead singer and guitarist of the band, Joshua C. Love, with his mother, and the struggles women endure and accept. He says about it, “I haven’t seen my mother in  five years and I’m not exactly sure how to heal the gap between us. Writing these songs is like my last chance to reach her heart.”

The title of the album , Medusae, comes from two of its definitions, first from the Greek story of a woman with snakes writhing from her head who turns to stone anyone that looks at her, and last from the jellyfish and the sexual form that the author relates to it, he mentions the ability of this animal to alter its sexual development for the sake of procreation, some jellyfish are known as being infinite due to their capacity to revert their cellular form when nearing old age or disease, so they re born. The author compares these concepts to the social evolution of women, “While a woman is so strongly guided by advertisements in magazines and other media sources as to what she should wear and what she should look like, it is time for her to cleanse herself of these social diseases and redefine her existence. It is but one stage of our social evolution.”

There are already three songs of the album available for listening on Maybe Mars‘ Bandcamp. Next week the band will release also a music video for “Happy Ending” through the label’s Youtube and Youku channels.

The cover of the album was designed by Le Tairan. The complete album will be available online on February 9th.

Track List
1. Resting Palace
2. One for You
3. Reach for Me
4. Pendulum
5. So Believe
6. You and I
7. Running
8. Cold-Hearted Killer
9. Soon I Will Miss You
10. Happy Ending

Proximity Butterfly’s home is in Chengdu, the members of the band are Joshua (vocal/guitarist), Heather (bassist), Lucas (guitarist), Feifei (harmony) and Wang Yong (drummer).

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