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I am this close to publicly say it’s raining albums. And there you go. Tell me it’s not right.

Genjing Records just announced the upcoming co-release with Ripping Records of Full Circle, a split 12” vinyl record (and the rain includes lots of vinyl!) from Round Eye, a new band from Shanghai, and Lybian Hit Squad an American punk band.

The official release of the album will be on December 1st at the Old What Bar in Beijing, and an afternoon matinee at XP on December 2nd. The album will be available for purchase at both shows and through Genjing Records website.

The A-side of the album contains Lybian Hit Squad songs, they are “Blown Asshole”, “Rubber Shoes”, “Full Circle”, a five minutes instrumental featuring Greg Ginn, “Brave New World”, and “Lift Your Knees”. Just to read those titles scares me a bit.

The B-side is Round Eye’s, the songs are “Round Eye”, “Carne Seca”, “I’m So Young”, “Kenting”,  and “Got Her Runnin”. On the promo they say something about “demented doo-wop harmonies”, that’s because there’s a sax player among them, but I really wonder what do they mean with demented doo-wop harmonies for a rock band, already Miles did all the dementia that was there to practice with doos and wops, whatever is left might not be really doable in a successful way. Sorry for the skepticism, but some times promos run further than my faith. In any case, later you can kick my ass if I’m wrong, you know where to find me.

Moving forward, let’s celebrate the release happily amaze with all the new albums that we are getting these days.

This is the info to be there and catch the album.

Sat, Dec 1 at the Old What Bar. 9:30pm, 30 RMB
Support: Streets Kill Strange Animals

Sun, Dec 2
 at XP. 6pm, 30/20 RMB (students)
Support: The Last Three Minutes


And here a taste of Round Eye.



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