Rustic are GBOB Champs

Remember the Shanghai edition of the Global Battle of the Bands at Yuyintang? It was won by Weghur who represented Shanghai in Hong Kong for the right to represent China in the world finals in London. They were beaten there by the band Rustic, who have played Shanghai a couple times, most recently at the Maybe Mars showcase headlined by PK14.

So Rustic and Rikki Sixx’s hair went to London and…they won.

From Chris B., China GBOB organizer:

They played the GBOB theme tune….

They announced the top 6
6 Nepal
5 Israel
4 England (who were really good)
3 Norway
2 Iceland

Then got the judges on stage, we’re all looking disappointed and thinking, “Oh well…”
The Judge says “All three of us were unanimous about this decision, they were entertaining,” (at which we looked hopefully at each other, but then the Japan band was also entertaining) and then he said something else, THEN he said, “…and they used instruments that no other band had used.”
I started thinking: ‘Huh.’
Then they said CHINA!!

We started jumping up and down and cheering and screaming like schoolkids (2 Rustic fans from Germany and me!)

The funny thing is (and I’ve videoed it so have proof) the MC introduced them as a band
from Shanghai and never mentioned China then hahahahahahahahaha.

Check out the news here.

Congrats to those guys. As I wrote in my review of the show they played at MAO Livehouse, they are a fun band and have great stage presence. That kind of thing counts for a lot in these dog and pony shows. Maybe they aren’t the most technical or original band in the world, but they put their heart into their art when it’s time to rock.

Now seems as good a time as any to check them out on Douban.

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