Sarah Brightman in China

Sarah Brightman, soprano, actress, and dancer, is set to tour China with her show Symphony. Chances are that Ms. Brightman will not cancel her concerts in China. It is unlikely ticket sales will not be enough, or that some dark secret will be discovered to keep her away from China. She passed the test last year when she sang the official song of the Olympics, so fear not, ducklings. If you really want to live it in full you should go to Brightman’s website and submit your e-mail address for few packages they are selling to experience the concert from the backstage, although it looks like the offer includes assisting in the building of the stage and the production of the show. We can’t assure you anyway that this is not a trick to have you working as a roadie who has to pay. At the same time, some of us would have paid to be a roadie for Led Zepellin so there might be some people willing to pay to be a roadie for Ms. Brightman.

The tour dates are: March 22, Capital Gymnasium, Beijing; March 25, Olympic Arena, Nanjing; March 27 and 28, Grand Stage, Shanghai; March 30, Guangzhou Arena, Guangzhou; April 1, Asia World Arena, Hong Kong.

While you think about it, check out this video of her singing The Phantom of the Opera last year in Vienna:

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