The Gaslamp Killer's Debut Album

Breakthrough is the debut album of Gaslamp Killer, yes, it will be the first full-length album by the artist. The LP will be released on September 18th, and it features the participation of many of his friends, who are also some of our favorite producers, many of them well known in China after they came to play here brought by the dissappeared promoters Free The WaxGonjasufi, Daedelus, SAMIYAM, Adrian Younge, Dimlite, Computer Jay and more.

Breakthrough will be released under Brainfeeder and Alpha Pup labels. The promo describes the album as “a journey of creative connection, a tribal ceremony loaded with a sense of fellowship that reflects the Gaslamp Killer’s devotion to the collective experience.”

The first single is “Flange Face (with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)”, introduced by the label: “rattles into being from a scratchy dissonance and soon descends into a distorted, doom-filled drama. Twisted with tension and hemmed in by a smack of solemn strings, the track operates on a frequency of pure horror.”

Gaslamp Killer “Flange Face (with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)”

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