Korean Pop Stars go Discovery Channel

Last touched upon in our column La Pelota de la Muerte, here is some more news concerning Asia’s pop stars. Let’s just try to not get invaded by this pop dudes, and hold your breath. Here we go.

Hip Korea is the name of a two-part documentary by Discovery Channel about Seoul’s rising pop culture. The first part was aired on February 23rd, featuring  Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon) the huge pop star, famous for his dancing style (although some of us are not at all impressed with his dancing skills). The second part will be hosted by Lee Byung-hun.

Rain, besides being known for making girls go bananas with his dancing style, has already made the obligatory foray into films, required of every Asian pop star. Rain was in Speed Racer, and Ninja Assassin, released next May.

Lee Byung-hun, multi award winning actor, besides hosting this documentary, will be in the upcomming G.I. Joe film released later this year.

And, to all of you crazy for Asian pop, Rain will be coming to play to Shanghai sometime during 2009. For now here is the trailer to the first part of Discovery’s Hip Korea.

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