Van Morrison Astral Weeks Live Ready for Release

Van Morrison has been rocking with his unique style for almost fifty years, and his style is sweet. Among all his compositions the greatest are “Gloria” and “Moondance”, both covered hundreds of times by many awesome and not so awesome musicians. Next February 10th will see the release of his latest album, a live recording from a November 2008 show in which he reworked live his second album, Astral Weeks, considered by many his biggest production and a classic of rock.

In 2007 when Rolling Stone magazine reviewed the album once more, they said:

“Morrison’s first full-fledged solo album sounded like nothing else in the pop-music world of 1968: soft, reflective, hypnotic, haunted by the ghosts of old blues singers and ancient Celts and performed by a group of extraordinary jazz musicians, it sounds like the work of a singer and songwriter who is, as Morrison sings in the title track, ‘nothing but a stranger in this world.'”

For this performance Van Morrison played with an orchestral string section and a band including some of the musicians who played on the original recording 40 years ago. The songs went through a transformation on stage, new sections were added live, and, as Morrison expressly requested, there was no post-production engineering for the recording: It’s raw from the Hollywood Bowl stage to your speakers.

Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks: Live at the Hollywood Bowl marks Van Morrison’s premiere with Lion Records, it will be available on cd and vinyl, and if you want it you can order it here.

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