We are ON


Aaaand we are back.

And David Bowie too. And LOgO … “the revolutions” edition. And Fleetwood Mac. And Depeche Mode. And Justin Timberlake too.

Still though I’m in winter speed, the bear in me is not yet totally awake, but fear not, I’m well trained to drive half awake. Now, if I could only remember the sun.  And how to write a quickie, and how to keep organize the flow of information. I planned to organize the little chaos we have here at Layabozi quarters, but damn the cold, and the comforts of life, so the lack of adrenaline, and vitamin D, and Downton Abbey, and Moon Boy.

Thank Bowie! Not everything is blurry, or frozen. Those of us who went out on holidays did refresh their spirits. And my meditative break did some positive things for me, meditation is indeed a powerful tool, it makes sleeping much better, and I have not smoke a ciggy in… I don’t even know how many weeks, it just happened while aligning my chakras with the center of the galaxy, I hope it goes on happening.  That. And against all odds, those balrogs in disguise, Layabozi will have soon a transformation/expansion, soon we will reveal more information about this.

For today, this has been a lot to unnumb my fingers …middle-fingering judgemental hyperactive winter lovers, and warming up on the hot drunk chocolate mug while figuring out what to write here to say Layabozi is ON to finally make it to the best part of this reopening,  to celebrate that David Bowie is back, a great deal to Layabozi, because a Bowie fantasy is part of the mix that created it. That, and that I am, I would, I already was a bit, well, I am a Bowie groupie. Though he might not come to China to do the one concert to present The Next Day, if he is releasing an album after it was said he was retired, then dreams with Bowie are still available. And, you know, dreamers are the lucky people in the world.

“Where Are We Know?” was released on January 8th for Bowie’s 66th birthday. The Next Day will be released in March. Bowie will probably play one concert to promote/celebrate it. This is the video for the single.


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