When Michael Jackson was just a Kid …(?)

This is not a video or a song, this is a set of interviews with Michael Jackson. The first one was conducted in 1972 by Phil Symes, available to be read this week on rock’s backpages library; a website that keeps archives of great articles and interviews from rock’s past. Once a week they release fresh articles: delicatessen of music journalism.

This interview took place when Michael Jackson was 14 years old. He was still with the Jacksons 5 and he was already totally immersed in the music world. Phil Symes was surprised by his maturity and the seriousness of his approach to work. Little did anybody know that he was going to turn out to be the ‘King of Pop’. Michael Jackson is now in the news because of his planned UK tour, which he has announced will be his last live performance as a musician. And little do we know now what will happen to Jackson once he finishes this tour. The thing about Michael is that he has turned out so many surprises that is difficult to imagine there could be any more, good ones especially. A shame, particularly after reading this and being reminded how musical he was when still a kid.

If you have five minutes, take the time to read it. And if you like it, go for the other three. The second was a 1977 interview by Cliff White showing the hardcore style of life of Jackson after having experiencing big time scenes with fans, the third by Sylvie Simmons in 1983 during the Beat it era, the fourth by Ben Edmons in 2001 when the world was already fed up with him long ago.  It is amazing how some lifes evolve, don’t you think so?

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