Introducing: La Pelota De La MUERTE!!!

This is a new weekly feature, some light Friday fun, in which members of Layabozi force each other to listen to and review tracks we think they won’t like, in a sort of comic and semi-vindictive musical pass-the-ball. Partly a joke, it is also an opportunity to share music with fellow Layabozians that they simply might not bother listening to normally, due to preconceived ideas, laziness, or what-have-you…

We kick off with a submission for Mache. In a week, hopefully, we’ll get the reply and a fresh challenge!

Mache will be listening to Self Suicide by Goldie Looking Chain. This time the joke is firmly low-brow: Mache is not a native English speaker, and she understandably struggles occasionally with my British slang and accent. Therefore, I’m making her listen to rap, full of obscure British cultural references, in a thick Welsh argot. Enjoy!

Goldie Looking Chain “Self Suicide”

Graphic magic by Mike

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