La Pelota de la Muerte!!!: Boredom

I am sorry, I’m late again with this, I could blame it on White Lies, but I won’t.  How bad is it to not have anything to say about a song when your job is writing about music? But this song, “To loose my life”, doesn’t say anything to me. Although it’s a nice track and I wouldn’t be negatively affected if I heard it at a party, it seems like just one of the thousands of songs I’ve heard that haven’t really caught my attention. Maybe live, if the band are good performers; but the song alone feels almost transparent to me.

I am listening to it again, just because I have to get something out of it. The voice is nice, as a whole it seems something like Depeche Mode meets Franz Ferdinand, but weaker than both of them: so again still nothing to rescue it. If White Lies is really one of the greatest bands out of the U.K. we’ll hear during 2009, maybe this is not the track that best reflects them, or maybe 2009 will just be a very bad year for British rock. Besides this, sadly I have anything else to say about it, Ed.

So, let’s move on and back to China, our dear home country. This is a record from 2004, when EMI had the “very creative” idea of interfering with history by taking some Shanghainese oldies and transforming them into lounge tracks. Let’s see what Mike says about this one from the great Chinese-Japanese Li Xian Ian, her “Plum Blossom”, altered with electronics.
Li Xiang Ian “Plum Blossom”

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