La Pelota de la MUERTE!!! Infectious Music

I am late on this Pelota de la MUERTE!!!–I haven’t been able to go all the way through to that ugh! video. I put it off for days, now I can’t escape and I have to watch it all the way through. It’s part of the idea of this dangerous game, to actually go through the experience of a whole song, risking your innocence and love for music, and life even, in this case.

Aaron Kwok (even writing his name is painful)! This guy is what every girl needs whenever in need to express the frustration of crashing against the childish and arrogant male ego; this and two bottles of whiskey and some pain killers to go through the pain to have to use such a toxic example. Can you believe this guy?!

To begin the shredding let’s go for the video itself, the only original thing Kwok does on this video is to use his own thumb to point at himself. … Oh! no! …I am sorry. I remember now there’s that huge sign of the funny cowboy of Las Vegas, right? But that iron-made cowboy, is way more human and warm than Aaron. Also, I wonder who thought about the idea to make him dance, not very good idea for mr. Kwok’s pride. There is not one single step on the choreography that is new, there’s not step he does better than the dancers around him, and the chorus dancers are never coordinated. Besides, Kwok has not dancing style at all. I am happy I will never have to dance with this guy. And those plastic looking six packs, they really make me nostalgic of those beer-made bellies. And I am not saying I don’t like strong and muscle guys, I am saying the Aaron Kwok effect is so very negative in me, that once I see him I don’t want to be near anything that could remind me of him. Hopefully, I would find a different planet to not have to share mine with him. This guy is annoying, more than a mosquito buzzing on your ear when you are almost aseep. And, by the way, I believe that mosquitos are the worst creature in all of animal-kind.

Am I over reacting? … … Well. Of course I am. What do you expect? You didn’t have to live with this video every day for a week. And I had no way to escape. I thought about faking some illness, and telling Mike and Ed, ‘you will have to do this one for me’. But, I know if I had done that, their very evil minds would have managed to find something even worse than Aaron Kwok. … I-AM-AAAARON-KWOK … The only hope for Kwok after listening to this song is to believe that underneath that image there is a human being who realizes he is doing this only for money, and who understands there’s a whole world where nobody knows who Aaron Kwok is. Can I believe he is a smart dude making a living? …. …. … No! I can’t! I’m sorry, I just can’t, no one can do such thing and be innocent. Ok, I’m breathing. Wait. Ok. So. To be fair, and to show I do have some hope in humankind, if I ever find out Aaron Kwok actually is innocent of music- and soul-murdering, I will do my own I-AM-MACHE, and I will accept the humiliation after that, without one complaint.

To finish, let me mention the flowing silk pajama doing a Michael Jackson from Dirty Diana, I can literally see Mike laughing on his dark side of the force while I’m watching that. And that ridiculous angled style of his cap, really. I am even beginning to have fun ridiculing Aaron Kwok. This dude can really take the worst out of me. And I refuse to talk about the soundtrack of this video, because it’s not even worth of my time. I refuse to dedicate any more time of my life to Mr. Kwok.

This was so infamous a move by Mike, I think I should publicly announce: that was the first goal on La Pelota de la MUERTE!!! I am sorry if I’m not yelling it, I’m still a bit sick after the pass.

I’m seriously worrying where are we going to end up with this game, and in thinking what to send to Ed, I just have to repeat again, this dude Kwok, seriously takes the darkest part of you out. Here. (now, I am scared of myself)

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