La Pelota de la MUERTE!!!: Pelota III – Ed's Revenge

This song is AWESOME. You can literally hear the capes, leather jeans, make-up and poodle perms. Sadly, what I can’t hear is a single word of the lyrics. I had assumed from the falsetto screaming it would be something about Gandalf or dragons or the forces of light overcoming the forces of darkness; but actually it’s a not unpoetic description about going to a bar and having one too many.

I have never knowingly listened to Judas Priest before, so I did some research. First up, it appears they have had 7 drummers in their 40-odd year careers. Rock and roll! Second, current member Glenn Tipton is listed as playing the guitar synthesizer, which is another reason why this band is totally AWESOME. Third, those biker outfits are actually made of PleatherTM, because they love the cows, or something.

Sadly, despite the band’s veteran PleatherTM-clad falsetto and alcoholic awesomeness (and facetiousness aside, their very real influence on later musicians), I can’t get into this tune. Whilst I identify with the (supposed) lyrics- I can’t hear them. For me, the track never seems to build into much, and there are no memorable guitar riffs. In fact, I can’t even remember how the tune goes, and it’s only been 10 minutes since I listened to it 4 times in a row. Maybe I just have no soul.

So, to quote the song itself:

I’m going, no loss
I’m going, no loss
I’m going, no loss
I’m going, no loss.

To Mike: beep.

Kraftewerk “Autobahn”

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