• Nosaj Thing's "Drift"

    Nosaj Thing "Drift"

    Progress, a natural part of the creative process, allows composer and listener to undergo ever-changing journeys. However, this progress is often a double-edged sword. As artists continue to evolve they run the risk of alienating their audience. If their album has been preceded by singles, people waiting for the debut album will be looking for more of the same, while people new to the group will be far more open to different sounds and styles.

  • The Buddha Machine in your iPhone

    Inside the Buddha Machine

    The Buddha Machine or Buddha Box was described as a beautifully useless gadget by the New York Times. (To me it is useless only if you consider meaningless the profound pleasure of sound and music). The Buddha Box is a strange magical gadget living where electronic music meets mantras, and where nerd music lovers meet technology. It has been used by Brian Eno and Gorillaz among many other musicians. Now, you can have this curious instrument in your iPhone. Read more about the Buddha Machine and its world here.


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