• "Rock Under the Red Flag", VBS.TV Short Film

    VBS streamed last year this short documentary about Birthday Boys touring illegally around China during 2007. The series, titled “Rock under the Red Flag” , consisted of 6 short videos documenting the band’s trip from Beijing to Wuhan, passing by Shanghai, Nanjing and Changsha.

  • Learning How To Play Nice

    Arrows Made of Desire is releasing their new album this next days, on May 29th. Layabozi got a preview of it, and a great interview with Joewi Verhoeven leader, singer and songwriter of AMoD. Read here about their music, the new album Songs that Sell Out, and listen in advance to two of their new songs.

  • Shanghai World Music Fest Lineup


    This May holiday will be packed with events, the Midi Festival in Zhenjiang, Straight Oota Canada here in Shanghai, and also here in Shanghai is the World Music Festival, which is apparently some kind of proto-Expo thing. Here’s the line-up:

  • Midi Music Festival 2009 Zhejiang


    The Midi Music Festival, the biggest rock show in China, is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and this year takes place in Zhejiang. The line up has recently been revealed and we have it here for you. We’ve got links to the bands you don’t know and want to know, and info on how to get yourself to Zhejiang. Also, if you are going on a road trip let us know!

  • Hedgehog 4/11 at YuYinTang


    The place was packed and it was only 9pm. With the new renovations Yuyingtang’s manager Durn (Haisheng) has been working on, a lot more folks can squeeze in to get their live fix, and over 400 turned up for the show Saturday night. After getting us all excited with Yoi and Pinkberry, nice and cozy with Wild Cat (the Asian rock team), and then revved up with Crazy Mushroom slinging us around from a whisper to a scream, Hedgehog made a big entrance.


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