• Beijing's Oliver Bring Manchester to Shanghai


    Layabozi charges into the world of budget bilingualism with this interview of Beijing band Oliver, available in a lovingly crafted English article, or with the raw power of the Chinese original. Oliver will be playing an S.T.D gig at LOgO Saturday, supported by Banana Monkeys, The Rovers, and S.T.D DJs. Read more about it here…in Chinese and English!

  • Hedgehog Pie


    It is with some reluctance that I write this post, because I had decided to try to minimize my writing about “rock” music (please excuse my ignorance of genres). While there are a good few rock bands that I absolutely love, I just can’t get that excited about a rock band that does everything well except have its own strong identity. For many people, going to a good, solid, rocking show is like pizza. Even if it doesn’t change the way they understand their role in the universe, it’s something that they need to have once in a while–or more often in some cases. In my case, if the pizza is not really really good, I’d just as soon not eat pizza. Hamburgers—ie jazz, stick with me people!—I’m not so picky about. If the band is really swinging and the soloist plays with conviction and energy, I can listen to clichés all night. Sure I’d rather be hearing someone’s totally realized unique self, but it’s a hamburger. Melrose Pizza I can definitely take or leave, emphasis on leave.


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