• DJ Set: Captain Weedo


    Today Captain Weedo will play his last gig in Shanghai for a while, it will be at The Shelter. To get ready for tonight listen to this mix that he did specially for us.

  • Nosaj Thing's "Drift"

    Nosaj Thing "Drift"

    Progress, a natural part of the creative process, allows composer and listener to undergo ever-changing journeys. However, this progress is often a double-edged sword. As artists continue to evolve they run the risk of alienating their audience. If their album has been preceded by singles, people waiting for the debut album will be looking for more of the same, while people new to the group will be far more open to different sounds and styles.

  • Pinch and Dubstep, Rattling Sub-Culture at The Shelter


    Drums and low sounds have been used since the very beginnings of human kind as a call from the earth to liberate our feelings, let go, flow, enjoy, release, and penetrate. Music is a tribal experience, and dubstep is an experience of gravity at its most. Pinch is a pioneer of dubstep, and his exploration in music has contributed to building the foundations of the genre. His album Underwater Dancehall was groundbreaking. Our chances to go to an aboriginal ceremony are low, really. But luckily, we have live music and live music venues, where musicians play these sounds for us. Sub-Culture will host Pinch at The Shelter this weekend. Read more about him here and listen to some tunes whilst you’re at it…

  • Komodo, the Iridescent Dragon, on the Way to Dragon Lands

    Komodo by Thomas Csano

    Among the many things Komodo has done on his career, he worked with Cirque du Soleil for the world premiere of “Kà”, and also with Peter Murphy on his album from 2002 Dust, which was a very interesting album of this icon of goth rock. Komodo will be playing at The Shelter this Friday on the mini dub festival. We interview him about his music and this, his first trip to China. …While you read, listen to some tracks from his first album Subluna.


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