• Midi Music Festival 2009 Zhejiang


    The Midi Music Festival, the biggest rock show in China, is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and this year takes place in Zhejiang. The line up has recently been revealed and we have it here for you. We’ve got links to the bands you don’t know and want to know, and info on how to get yourself to Zhejiang. Also, if you are going on a road trip let us know!

  • Dorian Concept: When Music Moves Forward

    Dorian Concept

    Today Dorian Concept guided a master class to show the technique he uses to create his music. The meeting was interesting and he certainly created expectations for the gig organized by Free the Wax tonight at The Shelter. One thing that I admire about electronic musicians is the freedom they feel from the technique of instrumental music

  • Pause:Music, a Record Label for Shanghai

    Pause:Music dudes, B6, Michael, and Gaz. This one was taken three years ago for a Pause party in Blue Ice, the club that The Shelter was previously.

    Pause:Music is the new record label for Shanghai’s musicians. It’s the result of the good work done by Gareth Williams (The Shelter), Michael Michael (Antidote) and B6 (Antidote and NeoCha). Layabozi talked with Gareth about Pause:Music projects and ideas, as a preparation to get ready for tonight launch of the label at Shelter. Read all about it here.

  • B6 Post Haze

    B6’s new album ‘Post Haze’ is certainly aptly named. It’s an excursion into a glitch happy musical spectrum filled with some fantastic audio programming that will certainly keep any fan of the genre happy. Now if you are reading this review, then I will take it for read that you are an electronic fan (if not, then I’ll save you the time and advise that you move onto the next review) and for sonic range B6 certainly gets top marks. He has a great ear for dynamics often showcasing beats that make great use of the stereo field with sound stabs that are often awash with effects that don’t come as presets.


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