• DJ Vadim's "U Can't Lurn Imaginashun"

    Dj Vadim by Free the Wax

    1999 was a long time ago, but it doesn’t really feel that way, does it? Maybe this is because The Aughts Decade never really spawned a true zeitgeist identity, but it undermines the fact that a decade has passed, a long time to continue to show and prove in the hip hop game.

  • Leo Messias and "A Free The Wax Anthology"


    Leo Messias is the rhythm behind Free the Wax and together with Katrina Lui, his partner in crime, started this adventure more than a year ago. Here a playlist to go over the first chapter of Free the Wax.

  • Eliot Lipp. Peace Love Weed 3D.

    Eliot Lipp's Peace Love Weed 3D

    Peace Love Weed 3D is the sort of album that’s it’s a true pleasure to discover. It’s an album that is accessable to both the armchair enthusiast as well as the casual listener. While the album blurb would have you believe that it covers ‘instrumental electro-funk, acid, fusion, and italo disco inspired sounds’ it’s somewhat to it’s detriment to try and place it in already defined genres when it really deserves to stand on it’s own. It’s an album that is going to be most enjoyed by those that have a taste for the


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