• Editor's Picks May 13-16


    I defy Dan Shapiro. Though of course the expo could have more awesome music, there’s definitely more awesome stuff than usual, and now that it seems no clubs are getting shut, the only lame thing about it (musically, anyway. I can relate to the idea that it’s too much money to spend on this kind of thing) is that Topfloor Circus got shut down. I mean, as wrong as that is, I’ll take Herbie Hancock and Cafe Tacvba.

  • Editor's Picks March 11-13


    This will be a rollicking weekend, though sadly I will be rollicking on another continent. Classic invader countries/people Finland and Mongolia send dudes, as do the 20th century experts who brought us a newer, subtler, but unmistakably invasive kind of invasion: the USA and USSR. Man the barricades!


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