• Editor's Picks July 29-Aug 1


    Panic! at The Disco? No thanks! Dribbly diarrhea at the Disco is more like it, and 300 RMB is a high price to pay for that. But there’s loads of hot YYT action, Afro-sonic, and more. In late-breaking news, The Theo Croker Sextet is finally starting their Peace Hotel residency on Friday, though they’ll be without Theo on Saturday.

  •, Shanghai's Rock Martial Art


    In which is reviewed. If you like Chinese rock music and don’t already know about this site, read on. Prepare to be informed. If you do know about it already, read anyway. Humor us, will you?

  • Editor's Picks February 24th-28th


    If live music is your drug, the last week of February is going to be pretty epic, but it is only a prelude to a very, very busy March coming up. Who has time for rumination? Rehab is for quitters. Let’s keep the musical high going and get to the Picks. **Now with Self-Improvement Links!**

  • Andy Best: A Journey in Rock

    Andy Best

    Coming from Liverpool, UK. He tells he grew up influenced by musicians, socialists, good books and arty types and spent most of his time playing guitar in bands and acting in the theatre. After getting a degree in Theatre, focusing on writing, he decided to blow it all off in favour of traveling. Ten years later he still hasn’t gone home. He can mainly be found in Shanghai at rock gigs (usually YuYinTang).


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