• Better City…Better Sound?

    Sound mess

    In which Mache infiltrates the Expo and buzzes around the city like a musical hummingbird, then crash lands onto her couch in a blaze of DVDs.

  • Listen To: Soda Stereo

    Soda Stereo

    For the new Listen To series, we’ll write some recommendations from our lands of origin and from our own private worlds. Basically, this is about the music we share in the mp3 zone. My first one is one of my favorite bands ever. In my world Argentinean rock ROCKS the best! And Soda Stereo is one of the classics from the end of the world.

  • This Co. rock from down earth

    the album cover

    The line-up of This Co. began to coalesce in Santiago in 2006 when guitar player and singer Jorge Christie began to write the start of what was to eventually become the band’s debut album The band has an English-influenced dark rock sound, somewhere between Joy Division and The Cure. Read more about “What you have to do to survive as a Chilean indie rock band”, as Carlos Vergara, bass player of the band, said when talking with Layabozi. Hear their early tunes, their new album, and more…


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