• Modern Sky Festival 2010 – Part II

    Red stage at The Modern Sky Festival 2010 - Photo by Simon Toppin

    The second review of Modern Sky Festival 2010 is the debut of Simon on Layabozi.
    Simon aka DJ Adept was performing in the festival as part of the S.T.D. DJs, he went while watching show after show, and came out with this savage review. Check it out.

  • Editor’s Picks Special: October Festivals

    JZ Shanghai Music Festival

    Summer is gone but there’s still hope for some decent fun time outdoors. October is all about festivals in our red lands, and it’s time to start to packing and get ready to trip around the Republic hunting for rock, punk, jazz, and electronic sounds.

  • A Beijing Rock Festival Gets the Blues


    The Modern Sky Festival that happened just a few days ago had some complications. In the aftermath of the events Layabozi’s correspondent in Beijing reports about the rock, the blues, the heroes, and the lunatic.


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