• Counterpoint: S.T.D + Ratatat + AV Okubo + Youth and the Destroyer


    “I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe Ratatat is playing!” said one concertgoer last Thursday night at the Zhijiang Dream Factory. Believe it, sister. We were packed in on the floor so tight I am still picking her DNA out of my elbow as I transmit this dispatch. Me? I was trying to believe that someone else was as cuckoo for this Brooklyn band as I was.

  • S.T.D. + Ratatat + AV Okubo + Youth and the Destroyer


    Editor’s Note: It took us awhile to collect our thoughts and reflect upon the events of May 21st. Like any eventful night, it inspired conflicting opinions. We will bring you two of those opinions, the first from Mache here, and the second from Zack in the next post.

  • Ratatat Preview

    演奏合成器的Evan Mast和吉他家Mike Stroud,也被称为Ratatat,是具有一个灿烂的未来的经典作曲家。 他们收集并用了一序列旧和新的工具来创作一种应在头脑的深处里演奏的分层、数字化改变的杰作。从些长发的人采集并点燃了几条树枝以后,我们没看到过这么全新的事情。他们让我们明白只要把自己的匠心潜力增加到最大限度音乐就会得到的效果。
    Synthesizer driver Evan Mast and guitarist Mike Stroud, otherwise known as Ratatat, are classical composers for a brilliant new future. They have collected and utilized an array of old- and new-fangled tools to create layered, digitally altered masterpieces to play in the deep recesses of mind space.


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