• See a Man About a YACHT


    There is a great show coming up this Friday at YuYinTang, brought to you by S.T.D. If you are hip and smart enough to attend, you will be transported back to the 80s by the Violent Phlegms, a Violent Femmes project featuring Adam and Fabien from the Rogue Transmission. Resist Resist and Youth and the Destroyer will also enchant you with their musical stylings. However, the centerpiece of the evening, this all-important All Hallow’s Eve, is the stylish American electro duo, YACHT.

  • "Illicit Intercepts" The Rogue Transmission's seed.

    “Illicit Intercepts” is the first album of The Rogue Transmission produced by Albert Yu and Dan Shapiro on the side. The five songs of the EP are well built and charged to let you wanting to here more soon. The album bets successfully on simplicity and honesty, passion for rock. This is a great thing about this band, their music is a perfect reflect of these characteristics and it’s also the statement of “Illicit Intercepts”.


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