Diary of Goushen Tour 狗乱神迷: Gig 01


by Dario

The six hours bullet train took us from Shanghai to the beer city Qingdao. The owner of Downtown Bar Berry opened it for us to drop our gear, then we pit stop at the hotel and we headed to the seaside.

Coming from Shanghai which literally means “on the sea” is a joke. Qingdao got what a real seaside city deserves, fresh air, blue sky, blue sea (almost) and awesome seafood! We couldn’t miss the opportunity to refresh our feet on the seaside and ride bicycles on the shore.

The soundcheck at the bar went smoothly, then we went for a quick dinner and after we had a proper amount of motivational drinks. At 9 pm we kicked out the jam. We dropped the Dio Cane’s bomb set divided in between songs only by a big silence and “O”on the faces of the crowd. If we were food, Goushen would be Sichuan food, not easy to digest.

At 11 pm we said goodbye to the lovely crew of Downtown bad and we headed to heaven. Late night Seafood! After don’t-remember-how-much seafood and don’t-remember-how-much beer we walked back to the hotel in the chilly wind to sleep finally. Good nite Qingdao, we’ll see you soon!


Editor’s note:  This is the reply I got last night from Dario about when was he going to send the first entry of their diary, it was sent after the gig: “Hi! Yeah it will be sent tomorrow on the train! We r pretty wasted now to put some corrxct sord toheter! If you want you can ipload this message as well” and a smiley face.




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