Diary of Goushen Tour 狗乱神迷: Gig 04 (Special Sunday Edition)



Zhengzhou – Xinxiang – Hefei

Starting this tour we committed ourselves to share with you our experiences on the road, being late in sending diaries comes from seven hours of hard seats in shitty trains and lots of lost sleep in between, but here we are again!

What we realized from this tour is that smaller venues suits Goushen (maybe not only us) more than big huge livehouse. Mainly because smaller venues have a more friendly attitude, in China there’s the tendency of making things bigger and bigger and this turns in wasting that warm attitude and welcome from people we are talking about. It’s like when the small cozy restaurant at the corner of your house, where you like to go on Sunday evenings it turns in a big chain with crazy lights and super efficency oriented service. Goushen wanted to have their band drinks served at the bar table and not inside the cool “band room” where personally we just change our dirty sockets or pants. We want to hang out with local people and talk with the venue’s boss. We heard of many bands with that rockstar attitude and we don’t belong to that. We won’t forget the warm welcome in Xinxiang, the street food and the running of Xiao Dong, boss of Sub Ark, for saving a mobile almost lost inside a taxi.

Playing in Hefei is always big fun, we already are friend with Lao Bao, owner of O” livehouse. We’ve been happy of playing in the new venue which is bigger and with very good sound. We believe that Hefei will always be part of our future in touring China, and talking about future don’t miss our last (?) show…..of the tour! See you in Yuyintang for a nite of fun and rock!

Editor’s Note: this diary entry is badly edited because the editor is ultra busy right now.






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