1. The first tune you loved.  I’m going for the first tune I was wholly responsible for finding, as anything I picked up from my parents is heart-stoppingly embarrassing: ‘Alive’ by Pearl Jam.  ‘Ten’ completely changed the kind of music I listened to and how I listened to it.

2. The band that opened your ears.  Kruder & Dorfmeister (ok, so not technically a band).  I listened to the K&D Sessions in 1998 and immediately turned my back on guitar-based music for the next few years…

3. The instrument(s) you play.  The GeoScan FM36 fluxgate magnetometer.  For all your ultra-ultra-minimalist electro needs… beep!

4. Your song.  Belle & Sebastian, ‘There’s Too Much Love’.

5. Favorite song + band from your country of birth.  Ummm… either Kid Loco’s ‘A Grand Love Theme’, or Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘Bonnie and Clyde’.  Anything by Serge, actually; what a legend!

6.Your Shanghai theme.  Radiohead, ‘Nude’…  ‘You’ll go to hell for what your dirty mind is thinking’: you’re damn right, I will, Thom!

7. The band you want to see playing live.  All those that the UK touts snap up all the tickets to, within 5 seconds of them going on sale (bastards).  The Arcade Fire, Shins, Decemberists.

8. When is not about music is about….  It’s about bikes and really old stuff.

9. Your relationship with ducks.  It involves gavage.

10. Your favorite spice: Rosemary.

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