1. The first tune you loved…  Danse Macabre of Saint-Saëns.

2. The band that opened your ears… Charly Garcia!!!, also Judas Priest did something about it too, but Charly is my all time Rock Star.

3. The instrument(s) you play… my computer, wood spoons and still a little bit of guitar.

4. Your song… Inconciente Colectivo by Charly Garcia.

5. Favorite song + band from your country of birth… Sed de Gol of Joe Vasconcelllos.

6. Your Shanghai theme… Inconciente Colectivo of Charly Garcia (by myself alone and walking) and jazz, any jazz song I think, specially John Coltrane’s , maybe “’round midnight” to say one.

7. The band you want to see playing live… almost all of them, but to give and answer Led Zeppelin in the 70s, Jimmy Hendrix in the 60s, Joy Division in the 80s, somewhere around 50s-60s John Coltrane and Miles Davis together, Elvis in the 50s, Mozart way before, Mars Volta now.

8. When is not about music is about… life.

9. Your relationship with ducks… it’s a long time I haven’t met one, but I lived with one once; he was very kind, we developed a good thing, we both enjoyed playing together, things got kind of sad when my mom decided to cook him, but I don’t really remember that, my grandma told me that story. I think they are beautiful and skillful, specially those living by the ocean, great swimmers!!! Now I’m writing about them, I’m thinking this maybe explain why I haven’t learn to cook duck yet. Well and yes, there’s a low moral in me when it comes to food, if it taste good I don’t see the problem. Besides being cute and good swimmers, they are very tasty too.

10. Your favorite spice… black pepper

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